OEHCS Safety Standards


Respiratory Protection Standard

This standard lists each requirement of the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134 and OSHA's respiratory protection program inspection procedures. It discusses the intent of each requirement in simple language and gives practical methods for compliance.

It is designed for the person who is just developing a written respiratory protection program to save the time and money of reinventing the wheel. It can also be used to thoroughly audit an existing Respiratory Protection Program.

It contains:

  • respirator maintenance procedures
  • employee training outline
  • inspection procedures
  • inspection forms
  • physical assessment forms
  • chemical exposure history forms
  • a respirator decision chart (as required in OSHA inspection procedures) based on substance, concentration and exposure limit.
  • a comprehensive list of approved and unapproved chemicals (This tells the reader the chemicals for which the air purifying respirators can be used)
  • proposed OSHA amendments to the standard.

_____and much more!

Respiratory Protection Standard

Price - $425.00