Legal Consulting

OEHCS qualified and experienced staff have served as expert witnesses in a variety of legal cases ranging from:

  • Chemical overexposures
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Construction defects
  • Mold contamination
  • Ventilation system failure
  • HVAC design deficiencies
  • Cancer cluster cases
  • Indoor air quality

OEHCS has provided assistance to both plaintiff and defence attorneys beginning with initial evaluation of cases up to and including court testimony. OEHCS can evaluate whether regulation requirements substantiate a cause of action and potential negligence. OEHCS can advise legal council on questions for depositions, records requests for subpoenas, interrogatories, and freedom of information. OEHCS only performs a limited amount of legal expert work as part of their overall consulting services.

Legal Theory

OEHCS staff is intamately familiar with many OSHA and EPA regulations and can be invaluable to attorneys in establishing legal grounds for a lawsuit or defence.

Evidence Gathering

OEHCS staff can investigate accident scenes, health records, and other epidemiological evidence for liability.


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