Asbestos Awareness Training (Initial and Refresher)
Asbestos Designated Person Training (Initial and Refresher)
Asbestos Worker Training (Initial and Refresher)
Asbestos Inspector Training (Initial and Refresher)
Asbestos Project Designer Training (Initial and Refresher)
Asbestos Management Planner Training (Initial and Refresher)
Accident Investigation Training

Basics of Indoor Air Quality
Biological Monitoring
Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Bomb Threat Training
Building Forensics / Microbial Investigations (requires college facilities and special arangements)

Chemical Hygiene Training for Laboratory Personnel
Chemistry Review for the Certified Safety Professional Exam
Chronic Health Effects of Oil Mist Exposure
Compatible Chemical Storage Guidelines
Community Right to Know / SARA Amendments

Dermatitis Prevention Training

Emergency Evacuation Training
Emergency Preparedness
Employee Right To Know
Employee Wellness
Environmental Assessment - How Clean is Clean?
Environmental Assessment - Sampling and Results Analysis
Environmental Geology
EPA Regulations - Overview
Ethylene Oxide (toxicology and engineering controls)

GSA Customized Training on Asbestos and other safety and environmental programs

Hazard Communication (English and Spanish)
Hearing Conservation (English and Spanish)
Hearing Conservation Regulations (for Audiometric Technicians)
Histoplasmosis Awareness
Hospital Safety Training

Indoor Air Quality - Health Effects and Exposure Guidelines
Indoor Air Quality - Historical Perspectives
Indoor Air Quality - Legal Issues
Industrial Hygiene - Equipment Calibration Training
Industrial Hygiene – Fundamentals
Industrial Hygiene – Global Exposure Standards for 6,000 Chemicals
Industrial Hygiene - Noise Monitoring Equipment Overview
Industrial Hygiene - Risk Assessment
Integrated Contingency Planning

Laboratory Safety
Lead Awareness Training for Building Managers
Lead Building Inspector and Risk Assessor Refresher Training
Lockout/Tagout Training

Medical Monitoring Training
Microbial Awareness Training
Microbial Exposure Guidelines and Standards
Microbial Post-Remediation Verification and Clearance Testing
Microbial Sampling
Microbial Remediation Guidelines
Moisture Control in Buildings
Mold Professional Refresher Training
Mold Health Effects
Mold Inspection, Testing and Data Interpretation
Mold Remediation Guidelines - Overview
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Portable High Efficiency Air Filtration Device Testing Standard

Radon Health Effects
Radon In the Home and the Environment – Overview
Radon Mitigation Strategies
Radon Monitoring – Overview
Recognizing and Managing Liability
Recordkeeping Guidelines (OSHA 300 Log)
Respiratory Protection Program Training
Respiratory Protection – Qualitative Fit Testing Protocols

Safe Use Of Chemicals In the Home
Safety Committee Organization and Functions
Safety in Screen Printing Operations
Sick Building Syndrome
Silicosis Exposure Control Program
Small Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator Regulations

Tornado Preparedness Training

Waste Minimization

If you are interested in having OEHCS personnel conduct a training seminar, please contact us directly at (630) 325 - 2083.

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