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Audiogram Analysis

This program allows an audiometric technician or knowledgeable person to enter the results for the baseline audiogram and the latest two audiograms to determine whether a significant threshold shift (STS) has occurred according to the OSHA hearing conservation standard. The program automatically identifies those people with STS in one or both ears as the data is entered. It can also print letters notifying those employees who must be sent for medical evaluation to determine if the hearing loss is work-related. The program also identifies employees with early signs of hearing loss so that they can be closely monitored. The program can also print letters to employees informing them that they should be wearing hearing protection under the OSHA hearing conservation standard.

For those who need to determine potential hearing loss liabilities, a customized version of the program is available to adjust for presbycucis. Call for details.

This program is compatible with the Medical Department Patient Records Database software, also available from OEHCS.

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Presbycusis Table
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Basic Audiogram Analysis Program
Price - $880.00

Add $100 for Presbycusis Adjustments
Add $200 for ability to track unlimited historical audiograms